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21 Dec

I changed original WordPress discussion to Disqus. I have had very good experience with it on my Czech blog, so I’m using it here too. It should make posting of comments much easier for you and manage the discussion + fight spambots much easier for me :-)

For development of my games – I’ll finish game design of the second episode of adventure game that I currently do for Icarus Games and then I’ll focus completely on my next three independent projects.

Second episode? And where is the first one, you ask? :-)

Well the first one isn’t fully scripted yet – it has final art, final design but it is still under development on the technical side. We must script it, fix the biggest problems, prepare alpha version, test it, then I must correct design errors and artists must fix graphical glitches, then we will test it again, adjust it, test it, adjust it and…after some more iterations, you should be finally able to play it :-) I’ll also have the right to write about it little bit more.

For now let’s just say it’s an adventure game that take place in Alaska 1910, genre is adventure with a touch of mystery and romance. It seems that the project owner likes it, so additional story and second part should (hopefully) make its way to you too.

Stay tunned, I’ll be much more active in updating this web in 2013 because it will have finally some purpose :-).

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My actual work – Coral City

17 May

I have been quiet for a long time – that’s because I’m working hard on several projects.

It’s still “work on hire”, but for smaller and saner companies :-) One game is already released and you can download it from Google Play if you have Android device (iOS version is still “big unknown”).

 I did’t work as a game designer on this game but as Project Manager/Producer (so kind of similar work to what I did in Disney, but it had some actual meaning on Coral City :-)  ). Designer of the game is Martin Kolacek, game designer and writer who worked in Disney with me.


Engrish or English

08 Mar

As you surely found out when you read the first article, English isn’t my mother language. I live in the middle of Europe (exactly in the middle) and the first language I learned was this strange thing that sounds like you are partly barking and partly coughing and so difficult to learn that most of us even doesn’t know how to use it properly. In other words – Czech :-).

So – please excuse me if the language on this page looks almost like Engrish sometimes. I’m working on it.

And be assured the English in the games will always go through proof reading by someone who doesn’t speak like Apu Nahasapeemapetilon :-)

Thank you for understanding.



The New Beginning!

08 Mar

Hello world!

Who am I? And why do I risk all I have to have fresh start?


I like to think of me as a creative person and an intelligent creator of games. But…

…but I never had chance to properly show my skills.

I worked in several big companies on games, some of the them were played by hundreds of thousands of people, so I should be considered something like successful person, but…

…but I wasn’t satisfied with ANY of those games.

I worked on several games, some my portfolio is quite wide, but…

…but it was in companies and corporations, so I was one of many. And I’m even not in credits of some of the games, because credits of bigger ones are often a joke, with people who did nothing for the game on top positions and people who worked hard deleted for wide range of reasons.

I had a team of almost 20 people once to prepare a great game, but…

…but never have any freedom to do what I believe was good for the game.


I was like thousands of other developers – working hard, improving my skills, but totally unhappy whith things I did, because the system of creating games in bigger companies is often…somehow ill.


So one day, I said to myself – is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? Do I really want to spend the short time I have in this world working on things to which I don’t believe? Is everything just about regular salary?


No. I want to go a different path. More dangerous, more difficult, but much, MUCH more exciting.


So – my brand new World of freedom, I welcome you!

Niki “tlamiczka” Bornova, the bringer of emotions :-)